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Students not only from Europe can study in Romania.
One of the European countries of the Balkans, which has long been a constant selection of Greek and foreign students for studies is Romania. About 900 Greek students are studying right this moment in Romania, mainly in schools of health sciences such as Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy.

Romania joined the European Union in 2007and this fact has simplified the procedures for moving and staying in Romania and has helped to consider Romania as a perfect place for studies for many Greek families. It should be noted that Romania is chosen for studies by many people from Europe, Asia, America and Australia as well.

The Republic of Romania at ​​238,000 km ² has a population which exceeds 21 million inhabitants. The official currency is the “leu”, while its regime is based on a semi presidential system. The Parliament consists of two chambers, the Senat ( Senate ) , with 140 members , and the Camera Deputaţilor ( House of Representatives ) , with 345 members . Having just joined the EU in 2007, Romania and Bulgaria are the newest members. It is a country of southeastern Europe, the northern part is mountainous, while the south is dominated by the vast valley of the Danube. Bucharest is the capital and some major cities are Constanta, Brasov and Iasi, which has been anointed the European Capital of Culture for 2007, Timisoara and Craiova. 90 % of the population are Romanians and 7% Hungarians. The Romanian language is Latin-based, which makes the country differ from its Slavic-speaking neighbors. Romania has considerable natural resources – oil, natural gas, coal , iron , copper and bauxite . The main industries are metallurgy, petrochemicals and machinery products. The country has become widely known due to the legend of Dracula, based on Vlad Count Dracula (15th century) , whose son had the reputation of killing by impalement his captured enemies during the war. Finally, among the famous Romanians are the writer Eugene Ionesco , the gymnast Nadia Comaneci and the composer George Enescu .

Medicine in Romania

One of the top choices of students who dream of medical studies is Romania. This is no coincidence, as the long history of the country in the field of medicine and the number of medical achievements of Romanian scientists, put Romania very high in the preferences of potential students. The entry of the country into…


Dentistry in Romania

In 2007, Romania joined the European Union. This fact gave the opportunity to prospective students from around the world to choose the Universities of Romania for their studies. Students whose dream was to study dentistry began to flock to the great institutions of higher education of the country to obtain their degree, under the aegis…


Pharmacy in Romania

Romania is a country which recently joined the European Union, and this fact makes this country even more competitive on students’ minds when it comes for them to decide about the country of their studies. After the annexation of Romania to the European Union, many students from all over the world choose this country for…



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  • Thank you! They helped me enroll in the university of my choice and gave me all the necessary tools and information about the city, the country and the university which I will attend for the next 6 years. The reliability and maturity that characterizes the members of left fully satisfied both my parents and me. Thanks!
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Recognised Universities

Since Romania joined the European Union graduates can follow the instructions of the European Union 2005/36/EK on mutual recognition of professional qualifications for the citizens of the 27 EU Member States. No acknowledgment of DOATAP to exercise one’s profession of doctor or pharmacist is required. DOATAP is required for those who choose studies in a country that does not belong to the EU.

Best Universities in Romania

It is important for those who are interested in studying in Romania to seek the classification each University has, to have a first insight into the level of their studies. According to the evaluation of webofmetrics, one can find out that there are very good universities in Romania, such as the University of Bucharest, which is the 490th position in the world rankings and is lower than barely four Greek Universities . Also the University of Al.Ioan Cuza in Iasi, is located in the 789th position and is ranked higher than the University of Ioannina (7th in Greece ) .

Study Languages

In Romanian Universities there are courses in English and French as long as there is a test or the appropriate diploma to prove language skills or language proficiency. There also are, of course, the Romanian- sections in which the introduction can also be done with the appropriate exams.

Tuition Cost

Another fact that is really important when choosing a school is the tuition fees. The amount that has to be paid by each candidate depends on the chosen department of studies and of course whether the section will be English, French or Romanian. Tuition for Medical studies are approximately 5000 euro ( Bucharest , Cluj , Iasi ) . It should be emphasized that the fees vary from school to school and from university to university. For example, if one wishes to study finances or law, the cost is around 700-1200 euros.

Cost of Living

Rents in Bucharest may start at 400 euros. In other provincial cities, however, ( Iasi , Cluj ) rents are lower ( 200-300 euro ) and in case of cohabitation , the cost is reduced even further . Life in Bucharest is considered relatively expensive ( 400-500 euro monthly costs ) compared to other Romanian cities where the cost of living is relatively low ( 200-300 per month ) .